I need help with my son's homework

  1. He is in the forth grade and we are working on the following problem and I can not see a logical pattern or answer. I need help....any brave souls willing to give it a shot????
    Here it is....

    Mrs. Gee wrote four letters on the chalkboard. She said that these were the "blue letter". She wrote four more letters on the chalkboard and said that these were "not blue letters".

    Blue Letters= A X M H

    Not BLue Letters= F Q K S

    She challenged her class to write down two more "blue letters". Sylvia wrote down the letters "O" and "U". Were these answers correct? Explain your answer.

    Geezs what a problem. Can you come up with an answer. :uhoh21:
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  3. by   bigmona
    you badmouthed me in the other thread but I'm going to help you out anyway.

    those answers are correct because the letters are symmetrical. you can draw a straight vertical line down the middle of each of the "blue" letters and they would be mirror reflections of each other.
  4. by   nurseshawna
    oh wow, i have never heard of that before!! pretty neat once you think of it that way!
  5. by   HyperRNRachel
    O.K., that was quick and I compliment you (I was making it way to complicated). As someone with a great deal of passion about the field I am about to enter, I hope you will reconsider your approach towards your fellow students. If they truly are unfriendly or lack the ability, then they will "weed out" by thier own merits. I too am an above average student who is always being turned to for help. I find that it helps reinforce what I have learned and I also may give that little bit of encouragement to someone who has just as much passion as me, but may need a little nudge. I have found it rewarding to be less quick to judge, and more eager to share. I do not own the copyright or the patent on the answers, so I share them. I have been in too many hospitals where a nurse caring for a loved one was rude and indifferent to our situation. I often wonder why people with such obvious disdain for human vulnerability were in this field. It is for our own benefit that we practice patience and understanding. It's just my opininion, take it for what it's worth (it would hardly be a challenge if we all agreed, right?) Thanks for your help.
  6. by   alexillytom
    Wow Bigmona!!! You have got it going on. I would have never in a million years
    figured that out. Very Cool.

    Also, regarding your earlier thread. Being helpful is always a nice way to go, but no one
    ever said you have to be a doormat. If the people who are asking for your help don't even have the common courtesy to acknowledge you, until they are looking for an answer to a question, then they don't deserve your help.

    I do very well in school also, and have helped more than a few people in class, but I must say they were also very nice, friendly, and appreciative. If they weren't, then I
    wouldn't lose a bit of sleep for choosing not to give assistance.