I need help with PATHOFLOWS??

  1. OK, we are required to do one of these and I have no clue what these are suppose to look like. Our clinical instructor just gave us case studies, I have diabetes, and were suppose to create a pathoflow. I very confused, if anyone has done this before or knows any websites that shows examples, that would be VERY appreciated!!
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  3. by   tbanurse
    Are you referring to a concept map format or something else? I have not heard of a pathoflow, but in my mind it may be similar to a concept map. If you do a search on AN, you'll find lots of great examples. Hope that helps! Good luck!
  4. by   moncj66
    maybe it is a concept map, Ill try that search
  5. by   Daytonite
    this sounds similar to a concept map. it may be a flow sheet. my pathophysiology book is full of them. they trace the progress of a disease step-by-step. i found several websites, one with a template and instructions for a nursing pathophysiology flow sheet, but no actual completed examples (you're probably never going to find one on the internet). on my critical thinking flow sheet for nursing students i ask students to list out the signs and symptoms of a disease as they occur. this is most likely what you are being asked to do. as a disease progresses, anatomy and physiology processes breakdown and signs and symptoms are connected with each step of the breakdown. that's what these flow sheets/concept maps are designed to show. the important point is that the processes and the symptoms are related to each other. later, in nursing classes you learn about medical and nursing interventions and learn that these interventions are also related to these processes and their signs and symptoms. it's all very logical.