I just wanted to thank you guys...

  1. For giving me encouragement and support a week or so back.

    Final diagnosis from my Dr. is that I don't have Lupus which means either I'm a normally positive ANA person, or that I have a different connective tissue disorder. He said given that my symptoms resolved on their own and that it does not occur often (last major flare up was 10 yrs ago) he said that it would be difficult to pin down but that down the road should I have another reoccurance I could tell whoever ran tests that my ANA would be positive but that I tested negative for Lupus. (WHEW) Anyhoo he did say that I seemed depressed and that given I had suffered in the past and had reoccurant episodes that it might be a condition I may need to seek treatment for lifelong. So he put me back on Prozac (what I call my happy pills) and I'm back to feeling like my old self again. It amazes me what a little mental health help will do for you. It was really rough this past month, I had no motivation, wanted to have nothing to do with school, and was coming quite close to quitting. It was the support of family, friends, and you guys that helped me to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I knew my turning point was over the weekend when my patient commented to my instructor, after she inquired about her care, that I was doing great and that I had a very upbeat personality, just love those patient experiences that make you realize that you belong here. :icon_hug:
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  3. by   Achoo!
    Great news! I'm glad things are turning around for you
  4. by   sirI
    Excellent, AllieRat. So glad you are feeling better and that you received a good report.
  5. by   Aradien
    So glad to hear you are doing better.