I have a new job!!!!!!!!!

  1. Hello, everyone! I have a new job. I went for the interview today and was offered the job today as well. I will be working in the neonatal intensive care unit and my job title will be a neonatal care tech. I will be working the night shift. I also agreed to be in the float pool in case the census is down and they don't need me then they will ask if I would like to go to another unit if I really need the money. She said it will rarely happen but just
    in case it does. I said I am fine with that. My role will be to give babies bath, feed babies, give the babies a hearing test who are getting ready to be discharged. I will be able to do more things that a care tech who has never been to nursing school can do. The role is a new role for the unit so they are still developing it. They are going to add one more where the nursing student can do more like assist with tube feedings. The care tech will be
    a primary care taker of a baby who has been readmitted for other things because they have a few of that BUT the nurse will still be responsible for overseeing the tech and the baby will have an assigned RN. Vital signs will eventually be added into the role. I will also help in the normal newborn nursery at night. Like feeding, comfort care and other things like that. I will also help hold during procedures and be an assistant to the nurse with

    It is not at the children's hospital I have been working for since last summer. I don't know what happened with that. I thought all was going well, but I never got a call back and I kept calling and calling. I was going to switch from the outpatient to the inpatient but it does not look like it will happen.

    So now I am at a general hospital, one that my school is associated with. It probably works out for the best anyway because I already owe that hospital a year commitment after graduation anyway because of $3000.00 I borrowed in exchange for a one year commitment.

    Also for my senior year I am doing another loan where they will pay for my whole entire senior year and anyone else's provided they meet the minimum GPA. That adds up to $15,000.00 they will pay. In exchange I have to give a 2 year commitment. Plus during my senior year I will have to work 10 hours a week. That is easy to do. So that means instead of 3 years like I thought I would have to do if I took another loan they will add the $3000.00 in and I
    will have to owe them only 2 years. They have 16 hospitals in the whole system. It is the largest system in my city. Many of the hospitals in the system are not too bad to work for depending on what unit you are on, from what I have heard.

    Also if I do a good job in the care tech role I was told that there may be a job offered to me once I graduate on that unit.

    So, I am excited. I start orientation on the 20th, So I have another week and a half to relax and get my mind back together after a long semester.

    The only thing I am scared about is working the night shift. I have never done a night shift before. I don't know how long it will take my body to get adjusted and If I will be sick the few days. How can I prepare? So I start sleeping during the day now and staying up at night now? How many days in advance should I start preparing If I can prepare.

    Well, thank you

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  3. by   CATHYW
    Congratulations! It sounds as though this will be an excellent learning experience, plus the tuition deal sounds great!
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    originally posted by peaceful2100
    hello, everyone! i have a new job. i went for the interview today and was offered the job today as well. i will be working in the neonatal intensive care unit and my job title will be a neonatal care tech.
    congrats on the new job, tonya

    i'm sure you will do great!!
  6. by   Momto2monsters
    Congratulations! That sounds like a fantastic deal!
    Melissa in Alabama
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    Congratulations!! That sounds great I can't wait till I can do something like that!!