I Got The Job

  1. I am so excited and have no one to tell just now so allnurses.com, my favorite hangout, will be among the first to know.

    I just finished my first semester of Fundamentals in an ADN RN course and I got the job of my dreams. It took forever to get the official offer, like three weeks!!! But after I pass my physical, I am an official NURSE INTERN at a wonderful hospital in Tampa. I feel so lucky to have this opportunity.

    Thanks for "listening"

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  3. by   pegbord
    woot woot!! CONGRATULATIONS!yelclap:
  4. by   tnbutterfly

    congratulations margaret on getting your dream job!!!!! thanks for sharing the good news with your allnurses family.
  5. by   Danish

    What hospital? What program? Im in Seminole...not too far