I got accepted into the nursing program...now what?

  1. HI:

    I just got my acceptance letter for the nursing program at my campus. I start in Jan. I am excited but also very nervous. I have no idea what to expect and anyone with advice..I am very open to it..

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  3. by   SarahRoycroft
    When I first got accepted into nursing school I decided to
    brush up on basic science. I purchased a high school bio and
    chemistry review book (very condensed and easy to follow)
    and read the whole thing. It really helped me get comfortable with anatomy and science terminology. If you want to get
    familiar with nursing subjects visit the bookstore and check out
    the nursing reference books. Springhouse has "Incredibly
    Easy" books that review and explain nursing stuff (Patho
    Phys, Assessment, etc.), and Mosby has some good
    Pocket Guide books that are easy to read. This will help you
    feel more comfortable with the things you will be learning, and
    give you a head start on your studies!

    Also, you might like to get psyched with some good nursing
    books..."Intensive Care," "Tending Lives," and "Condition
    Critical" by Echo Heron and "Nurse" by Peggy Anderson (this
    book is a little out of touch with current nursing, but is still
    interesting). These are all great, quick books to read.

    Good Luck!

  4. by   SarahRoycroft
    Sorry for the formatting problems in my previous post! Hope it's not too hard to read.
  5. by   lyndalous
    Congradulations!!! I am so excited for you!!!

    Hey I also read all of the exciting books listed above by Echo Heron!!!!!!! They are so exciting. You must start with the first book because it goes in order from her getting accepted to nsg. school and all the way through school, job. etc. She goes through clinical situations that I know every nurse goes through, instructors. etc.

    I just graduated and I read the books while I am waiting on hearing news from my boards, and job interviews.... And I called my school and told the Dir. of NSG to read these books and have them listed for all freshmen nsg. majors to read because they are so inspirational!!!!!!!!
    I thought I was the only one who read the books!!!!!!
  6. by   SarahRoycroft
    These books should be mandatory reading for all nursing
    students!! I read them last summer (back before
    school started and I had free time). You are right
    about reading them in order, it makes them much more meaningful.
    I was sorry that there weren't more in the series!
    Guess I'll have to read them again (in order, of course!).
  7. by   Meghan Gilmore
    Congratulations!! I just finished the first year in a five year nursing program in Boston. My best advice is probably that you have to really want to be a nurse. The major is very stressful, and you will have lots of work to do. There have been so many weekends when all of my friends were at parties or the bars or what have you and I was in studying! Don't get me wrong, I love my major, and I wouldn't ever want to do anything else, just trying to prepare you a bit! Good luck to you!
  8. by   essarge

    Just a little piece of advice to be one up on everyone else. Learn as many medical prefixes and suffixes as you can. They will help you pass many tests. They have helped me more than I can say!!

    Allot of classes are tough and take ALLOT of studying. Don't make any plans ahead of time to go out etc., because usually you are studying! When you sign up for your pre-req's, get a few of your classes that are really easy to keep your GPA up. And last but not least, set short term goals for yourself (like "I will study every night so I get an "A" on that exam), but don't be disappointed with yourself if you don't make it. Be proud that you worked as hard as you did to get what you did!!!
  9. by   lyndalous
    Hey Meghan:

    HI... I just read your note that you just finished your first year in your five year nursing program.. well I just finished my last year of my five year nsg. program and I really feel that going the five years helps you to absorb everything in and you get more clinical hours. I heard a lot of BSN programs are doing the five year program now. Mine still leaves it optional but they are in the transition.... Is yours that way too?