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:o hi there my name is Sandy, i just started college i want to be a nurse. i love this site and i posted a thread and i got no reply i was hoping to get a warm welcome and a littlte bit of... Read More

  1. by   AnaH
    Hi Sandy! I'm also new, and going back to school this Fall. Good Luck to you and WELCOME!!

  2. by   stevie b
    Hi Sandy,sorry I missed your first post. This week has been crazy with midterms plus I work 3/12's a week. I usually don't get here but once a week and then somtimes I just lurk.It's great that you are back in school and your husband sounds like a real man.Good luck and welcome to the best nursing board on the net:kiss
  3. by   ggfifirn05
    Hey Sandy. Welcome...I'm new to the boards too. I just started my pre-reqs and will still be working full time thru the end of the year. Good luck with school and see you on the board!

  4. by   SandyJohn
    :chuckle thank you for welcoming i have added you to my buddy list, if you arenot ok with this i will remove your name ok .....
  5. by   Love-A-Nurse
    Welcome, Sandy!

  6. by   BrandyBSN
    Sorry it took a while for anyone to answer your post, but WELCOME! I think this is a pretty rough time in the semester for a lot of us, so we might not be as quick to answer as we usually do. Keep posting, even if replies are a little slow... sometimes we have to catch up on reading

    Glad to have you!
  7. by   jmspeach

    I just went back to school this semester and hoping to get my generals done in the next year and then do the nursing classes. So I will probably be coming here A LOT!! Join everyone, they seem to be helpful!!

  8. by   krusey
    Hi Sandy, I am very new also to the boards. Am a student (3rd year) doing part time external study in Australia and work full time as an enrolled nurse. Best of luck with your studies.
  9. by   clintn91180
    Just wanted to say Hi Sandy, and welcome to the boards