1. Hello everyone; Cold anyone recommend a Humanities class for EC requirements. Any class you know of or have taken please advise. Also has anyone taken or know anything about the CPNE Bootcamp in Saly Lake City? Would appreciate any responses. Wishing you GREAT luck in any pending exams you may be facing. Thank you for your responses. Nonie
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  3. by   iliel
    I took Philo Critical Thinking, it's required. I HATED it, but the teacher was nice. I think I got lucky, he never pushed his views on us and if we could argue why we thought a test question was right vs wrong, he would give us extra credit! But, I heard other teachers were not that easy. Good luck with your choice, just take a class you'll enjoy!
  4. by   cuddles
    Hi iliel Thank you for your response. Not sure what humanities I'll take have to complete a current Foundations of Gerontology exam next guess I'll concentrate on that one 1st. Thank you again and best of luck in yoour next adventure as well. Nonie
  5. by   Dr. Kate
    Logic, not symbolic that's math, but from the Philosophy dept. can be fun and it really does teach you how to think. History of Religions can also be fun and gives some insight into the way other people think about what's important in life.