How's everyone doing?

  1. Just thought I'd check in with my fellow first semester students and see how everyone is doing so far. We're taking our fourth exam tomorrow and I can't sleep....sigh. So far, I've done ok and clinicals start on Monday in Med/Surg. Unfortunately, we may end up with less in our class after tomorrow's test because it's the last chance for some to get their percentage up before clinicals. We have to have a 69% to be allowed into clinicals...and sadly, quite a few are below that or right on the edge...

    Tomorrow's test is on preventing transmission of microorganisms, safety and security, mobility, integumentary assessment, nutrition and fluid and electrolytes....110 points total. I feel like I've studied the least for this test and it's the biggest one so far....but I'm sure I'll do fine.

    Well, I just wanted to stop in and vent a little and check in...hope everyone is hanging in there.

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  3. by   PedsNurse322
    I don't start the program until 10/23 (my school has staggered start times), but I just want to say good luck on your exam

    ~ Laurie
  4. by   MySimplePlan
    That sounds like a big fait hairy test. You are most likely on your way to taking it right now. Sending good thoughts your way, Sonya.
  5. by   Achoo!
    I'm in second semester and finishing my med-surg rotation this week. Lots of tests coming up, including newborn/postpartum, L&D- that one will be big and hairy too LOL. We also have skills checkoffs and the math exam next week.
  6. by   locolorenzo22
    I'm in Week 6 of 1st semester, and so far it's ok. We've had 2 tests so far, and I'm average an 87% on those, 3 quizzes that I've got 24/25 ?s right, and I'm checked off on my clinical comptencies, my physical assessment demo, handwashing, use of Doppler, and use of the Pulse ox machine. Just have a clean dressing, o2 mask and nasal cannula, Foley cath(with sterile field & sterile gloving), oral meds, and SubQ, IM, Z-track injection demos left to do.
    We start clinicals in 2 weeks (LTC), and are in the middle of doing major 3 weeks worth of online only content for theory course.
    Whew, it's a lot, but it's worth it! Trying to get enough sleep and doing enough for myself everyday!