Howlong does it takes to complete your pre-reqs?????Help!

  1. Howlong does it takes? 1 year or 1 semester for the AS RN program?
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  3. by   puresass
    it depends on what pre-reqs are required for your program, if they need to be taken in a specific sequence (ie you can't take A&P 2 until you've taken A&P 1) & how many you take each semester, which would depend on your other commitments (work, kids, spouse, etc.).

    see what programs you might want to go to & check what their pre-reqs are.
  4. by   moongirl
    at my school it usually takes 1 1/2 - 2 years. I had English 101, 102, Communications, two Math classes, Anatomy & Phys (that is 2 semesters) Ethics, Humanities, Sociology, Psychology, Microbiology and two semesters of PE. I had 45 credits before I even applied to the program. Broken down into one & half years, that is 15 credits a semester, which I couldnt do because of other time commitments