How to study and handel the nerves and stress?

  1. It is only week two in my program and I am already freaking out that I want to pass this semester really bad and i just want this so bad. But I find myself over stressing our test is not for another two weeks on the 24th and I have time I am writing down notes and reading my chapters but does anyone have any advice on how to study or how to be really successful in nursing school? study tips or scheduling tips
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  3. by   ebonychenel
    Hi , I'm only a week into my program also. My first test will be on Friday and it covers 2 chapters which are about 60 pages when added together. I'm not too stressed about it. Instead of taking detailed notes in class I followed the professor's lecture..OK I took minimal notes but most of my attention was on the lecture. Now home I am reading my chapters. I do not move to other sections until I fully understand the previous material. I know this way is timely but it is working. Good Luck, really
  4. by   KatieJ91
    I am about to start my 2nd year. This how I get A's in nursing school:

    1.) I listen to lecture with pen and paper in hand. Powerpoints if your teachers give them to you. (No computer!)

    2.) Go home and outline your notes. Since my teachers give powerpoints I open them and switch the presentation to outline. I then copy and past that into a word document and add my own notes. I like the neat and clean presentation with bullet points.
    - I do this every night or every other night as we cover theory bit by bit so I do not have to spend 5 hours one night. I choose to do maybe 30 min-1hr a night after theory.

    3.) We have test every 2-3 weeks, not once a week. Usually we cover 2 units for one test (i.e.- cardio and GI). The next week while we are learning the new content I go over the first unit and highlight what I think are the main points. What are the things I HAVE to know!

    4.) The night before and possibly the night before that I pull out my 3 trusted NCLEX books. These books are broken down into systems just as my units in theory (ie GI and Skin). I do at least 200+ NCLEX questions before every test covering the content that I am being tested on. I have Mosby and Lippincott Q&A books as well as a CD that goes with my Saunders Comprehensive Review which is my FAVORITE study tool. It has so many questions for each topic and I like using the computer. The books work just as well but I have to keep flipping back to the answer key and rationales after every questions where as the CD has a study mode which gives you the answer and rational right away.

    Everyone is different in their methods and needs, but this system has not failed me yet!
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  5. by   Certifiable
    1. Going into my 4th year of a BScN program, i've found a really helpful stress reliever during exams:
    If i'm in the library from 8am (meaning i get up at 6:30) until about 7:30pm, and I get home by 9pm, the first thing I do is lace up my running shoes, change my clothes and i'm out the door before the rational side of my brain kicks in ("its dark outside/ how about a little TV/ i'm hungry/ im tired / I need a shower)--- it's an amazing energy boost! When I get home about 45-60 mins later I shower, eat and organize my stuff for the next day. I try to be in bed by 12--- i'd rather go for a run than get a full 8 hrs sleep (and truthfully I know that I would watch tv instead so it's not like i'd go to bed earlier). I do this every other day so as not to strain myself.
    This works for me, as a single student with not many after hours responsibilities.

    2. Start assignments early, that way you get an idea of whether it will be time consuming or not. I'm the queen procrastinator so take it from me, start early!

    3. If you take really good notes and ppl want yours, tell them that that's ok, but they should be aware that 2 weeks before the final exam you will not be handing out your material, as this drives you insane, make you less organized and well, it's just plain irksome. Also explain that during those two weeks you're also unavailable for explanations on your notes- they can either understand your handwriting/shorthand/quirks or they can use someone else's notes.

    4. Turn off your phone when studying. Stay off facebook. Make yourself invisible on gmail chat. If people want to get a hold of you they will have to send you an email, which you can deign to answer or not.

    5. If there's a process that you don't understand or are having trouble remembering, DRAW IT! this workds wonders when studying anatomy / pharm... or anything else that has complicated steps.

    I hope this was helpful!
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    thank you for the awesome response I am definitely going to try this out after this first test
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    i mean for this first test