How to study for a Fundamentals exam?

  1. I am confused as to how to study for this test. I set up a meeting with my professor, but can't wait!

    Do I need to memorize manifestations and interventions of the diseases? How should I study?
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  3. by   Daytonite
    if you are going to be tested over diseases, then, yes, you need to know the crucial assessment things to look for in the disease states. you also need to know the underlying pathophysiology. you need to know the progression of the symptoms from mild to fatal. the interventions are, in general, based upon the symptoms. a good way to study for this is to get a good nclex review book because they present this material for you in a nice concise form. another place you can find this information is online, by medical diagnosis, on this website: family practice notebook (use search box)

    you can also find information on taking nursing tests on this sticky thread on this forum:
  4. by   Athenas83
    Thanks again Daytonite! I just got finished reading Chapt. 5 of Saunders like you suggested, and I feel a lot better. I'll read it a few more times for sure.