How to search for Nursing Scholarships

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  2. Searching for the right scholarship is not easy ... it takes a lot of work and determination. For those who are successful they have done their work. They have spent hours researching at school ... researching online ... and they never give up.

    Here's some tips that may help you win a scholarship...

    1. Search early, often, and repeat every 6-12 months
    2. Search school database and online matching sites
    3. Check with employer for available scholarships
    4. Check with local organizations for available scholarships
    5. Never ignore scholarships with small award amounts
    6. Prepare your essay early ... Write, proofread, edit, proofread...
    7. Check scholarship application before submitting
    8. Make a photocopy of all submitted applications
    9. Never miss a deadline
    10. Never Give Up!

    Please share your tips...

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  4. by   elprup
    Search everywhere for scholarships. When you find one that has passed, put it on your scholarship calendar for next year so you do not miss it, with the link to the application.

    Keep all your essays/nursing entrance/college essays. They come in very handy when writing all those essays for scholarships (just a little change here and there makes things amazingly easy).

    Check out all your local organizations (Elks Club, Soroptomist, parents employers, etc.) and even other college financial aide websites and offices.

    Tell everybody to keep their eyes out for scholarships.