How to pursue a second bachelors degree?

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    Next year I will be graduating with a BA in french and two minors in biology and human development. I want to apply to state universities (im in CA) for the bsn program. my gpa is poor because I was originally a chem major but had some family issues that affected my academics negatively . I was wondering if it's possible for me to apply as an undergraduate and sort of go through the whole college thing again? I doubt i would be accepted into the accelerated program with my grades and I dont have all the prereqs done. If it isn't possible for me to apply as an undergrad will I have to take the prereqs at a community college? will my chances be lowered due to my previous bachelors degree and low gpa? sometimes this feels impossible, but i knw in the end it will happen. I just need to figure out which path will suit me best..
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  3. by   crazyframes
    Once you actually graduate, if you decide to pursue nursing you would be a post-baccalaureate student. Some BSN programs will not allow people who already have a bachelor's degree to pursue a bachelor's in nursing (San Francisco State for example) but some will (Cal State East Bay). Advanced entry master's programs can be hard to get into and do often depend on having a good GPA.

    Research the schools and programs in your area to see what their policies are for second-degree seeking students. I did all of my pre-req classes at local community colleges. It's very common.

    Good luck!
  4. by   dianajh73
    I am in CA too. I think it depends on what "bad grades" really are. I am in an Early Entry Masters program and I never thought I would qualify, but they often look at more than your grades for these types of programs. We have a diverse group and I'm sure some have close to a 4.0 but there are several of us with 2.8 overall GPA. I'm pretty sure you need solid grades in pre-reqs, although I did have 1 C in chemistry from long ago, everything else A's and several were recent. I just explained in my entry essay that I wasn't motivated the first time I started school (17 yrs ago) and now I am determined to succeed. Apparently it worked because here I am.

    Good Luck. It's worth looking in to, just go in and talk to the head of the program you are interested in and see if you have a shot. I made the mistake of just submitting my paperwork, figuring I wouldn't get in but wished later that I had just gone in and asked. Would have been a lot less nerve wracking.

    Good Luck,

    Note: I am at CSUFresno but we have people in this program from all over the state. Unfortunately they do not have plans for another ELM program any time soon. This was only the second one and the first group just graduated this year so it may be a while, but there are other programs out there.
  5. by   scistav
    Some ABSN programs look only at your last 60 units not your entire academic history. I enrolled at CSUEB as an unclassified graduate student for my pre-requisites. It was easy to get in and as a graduate student I had priority during registration so I had no problem getting the classes I needed. I could have gone to the local community college for much less money but it would have taken a long time to get into classes like Anatomy.

    I had nine courses to complete and earned a 4.0. It raised my GPA significantly since my school only calculates the last 60 units. I completed the courses in 3 quarters and have started nursing school. It can be done!
  6. by   bluenyellow
    my school of choice would be csueb because my family lives very close by, but im having trouble figuring out how to apply since i will already have a bachelors degree. scistav, what degree did you have before applying to the absn program? how long will it take for you to earn your degree? that is a great idea, i never thought of entering as a grad student to take prereqs did you also take the GRE's, its not required for absn right? but i believe it is to go to graduate school? thanks for all the info everyone!
  7. by   scistav
    My BA degree is in biology. I also have units from a teaching credential program. For me, as a second career person with small children, time was more important than money. So I chose a 12 month accelerated program at Samuel Merritt in Oakland. I'll be done in May. It's super expensive but means only one year without an income. For me, it works out.

    The application for CSUEB was very easy because I only applied to the university and not to a specific department. No GRE. I don't think I even needed reference letters.

    Now that you've decided what you want to do, there really are a lot of options. I went to the state board of nursing and checked out all of the schools in the Bay Area. And if time is not a big deal, don't forget about the community colleges. Many have a lottery system so as long as you meet the requirements you are really not directly competing with others. And some people do get picked the first time. If you want a BSN, you can then do the RN to BSN program at CSUEB while you work.

    Good Luck!
  8. by   bluenyellow
    I don't think they allow you to apply without choosing a degree anymore.. did you apply online to csueb? so when you applied as a graduate student, you were able to take undergraduate classes? thanks again for your help!!
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  10. by   cmw6v8
    I'm a second degree student as well. I applied to an accelerated program, got waitlisted (my GPA is 3.6) but accepted into a traditional 2-year program to start in the fall. I worked full-time while I did my prerequisites at night school and online. Took me a year to do them. I think you have options depending on your own situation, whether you want to work while you are in school or just dive in as a full-time student. If I were you I would go ahead and apply to any and all programs you're eligible for, but if you don't have your prereqs that's the first place to start. So maybe you want to go ahead and do your prereqs at a community college (classes will be cheaper and likely easier), then once you're ready to apply, apply to accelerated and traditional programs. Good luck!