How to make myself more "hireable"?

  1. I am currently enrolled in a ADN nursing program. I want to make myself wanted by employers as soon as I graduate so I can pick where I would like to go. what can I do while in school to make my self desirable to recruiters? Currently I am a KANS (Kentucky Ass. Nursing Students) Officer at my school, and since I am in an integrated program I can get my LPN before my RN and still finish my with my RN in the same amount of time. I also have been a tech in an ED for the past year. Basically what do they look for in a new hire or do they just see new grad?
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  3. by   aussiemom
    I was just hired by a dialysis unit as a graduate nurse, to start after I graduate in May! Many of the questions were not unlike other job interviews I've had. They're looking for a person who is eager to learn, understands the work environment of their particular specialty (not patho or anything that specific, but the particular struggles of that area), and shows good potential to mesh and work well with their department. Especially for GN's- they know you haven't worked as an RN before and know they will need to train you. I'd say that it would be more difficult to be hired as a brand new RN with a license, but enthusiasm and willingness to learn and be responsible goes a long way. Have great references, do well in clinical and make solid grades. My profs were great references for me. That being said, the interviewer looked at my resume for a grand total of 20 seconds, so be able to present yourself well. Know yourself and your strengths and weaknesses. Know what you bring to the table and share what you can offer to their team. Best of luck to you- you'll do great!!