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That is the question! I practiced on my mom tonight and I was still nervous. I went over it by myself and thought I had some sections down by heart and still found myself having to peak! And my test... Read More

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    PS: I've been an ICU nurse for almost 10 years, and probably need percussion skills once a year, if that.
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    hi , we got check offs for assessments on thursday,:uhoh21:
    our instructor told us to remember " I Love Pizza And Bear Before Breakfast"

    I = Identification of client

    L= Level of Orientation x 3

    P= Appical Pulse

    A= And S 1 and S 2

    B= Breathing

    B= Bowls

    B= Bladder

    those are the most important ones to remember , if we miss those, we fail the assesment. The other things, she told us, when we come in, to write down all the bodysystems on a sheet of paper, where we then can put our notes that we assessed. That way , you remember to check them all and you have your notes for the documentation.( We get a 100 points total and have to have 78 to pass). OF course you can't have anything on the paper before you come in. And you might want to practice so you can finish all this in the 15 min , that we have. Good luck everyone.