How much are you expecting to spend on your textbooks? - page 3

I'm curious. When I received my orientation package they told us that are books will be a minumum of $600.....:eek: . I hope that we'll use them all. Fatima "FutureR.N."... Read More

  1. by   slinkeecat
    I started the lpn to bsn program and the summer semester was $350.00 for books which we will not need and can get rid of this fall semester the total cost will be around $650.00 for books but these included med surg which we will use the into the spring and summer semesters following this one.... but the uniforms we had to get for clinicals were expensive....$150.00 for a pair of pants, 2 tops and a lab coat.... I was thinking they should be lined with gold!!!!! But we also have about $200.00 in incidentals like we are required to have personal malpractice insurance and membership for several nursing assoc. I am wondering how I am going to afford it all!!!!! I need to get a second job lol
  2. by   StudentSandra
    I spent around $750 the first semester, but those books will be used for the entire program. Second semester we added an OB book, which is for Nursing 2 & 4. This next semester we add a Psych book (a friend gave me hers, yeah)

    Everyone please check with mySimon and search by ISBN, then sort by total price, some book stores really jack up the prices.
  3. by   emily_mom
    Check out,, and

    They have textbooks a lot cheaper than you would pay at the bookstore ( is the best!!!).

    Good luck to your backs!!