How Many Of You Guys Are Starting Your OB Rotation

  1. [font=lucida sans unicode]our class will be starting nur 130, which is our semester for ob. it used to be my passion to become a l&d nurse, but now i'm leaning more towards med/surg . for all of you who have completed your ob rotation, please share your experiences.
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  3. by   Lisa CCU RN
    It was not as depressing as other rotations. You are actually bring a life into the world.

    I did see a fetal demise and premature births, but overall it's not as depressing as LTC or the heart floors where most of the patients are 65 and up and are repeat offenders and are declining or in denial about their illness.

    You wouldn't believe how many COPD'ers I see smoking and CHF patients guzzling down fluids.

    I'm sure if I were exposed to OB more, I'd see the results of mother's smoking and drinking ETOH, and no prenatal care, but I choose to keep my rosy image of OB.
  4. by   *ac*
    Just finished it.
    Liked more than I thought I would. There's actually a lot of variety and for the most part, the patients aren't actually sick, which is kind of a nice change from med/surg.
  5. by   CTstudent
    Just curious, why do people always say OB is so hard. What makes it harder than the others. They say pediatrics is hard too.
  6. by   sumthnspecial
    Me! I am heading into 2nd semester which will be OB, I am SO excited. I have always heard that this is an easy semester, but 3rd semester in Peds is hard. I am really looking forward to it.