How many credits do you take per semester?

  1. Hi!

    I'm setting up my schedule for the Fall and I'm wondering how many credits you are planning for Fall 2004? Right now, my schedule is for 14 and I don't know if I should add another 3 credit class.

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  3. by   newgrad2004
    Depends. Do you work or plan on it? Do you have kids? Can you study? Do you want to have a big work load with the possibility of finishing sooner? If you think you can handle it, then sign up, if after a few weeks you cant hack it then drop one. My advice only..I'm sure others may have different opinions.

    Good luck!!
  4. by   klone
    It would also depend on what the classes are. I probably wouldn't do 17 credits if those 17 credits were Fundamentals of Nursing, A&P and Microbiology, KWIM? But if it's one science course and a few non-nursing prereqs like World Religions or Comp, it might be more doable.

    Personally 17 credits is way more than I could handle, but I also have two small kids and a home business, as well as working parttime. Everyone's situation is different, as the previous poster said.