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Just out of curiosity, what sort of hours do you put in for your nursing class and how many credits is the class worth? I have class M & T 4-6p (lecture), W 4-7p (lab), Th 8a-2:30p (clinical) and... Read More

  1. by   PowercarveJen
    God help me I think I'm in the wrong program.

    Mon- clinical 7-12 clinical conference 1-3 class 4-6(gerontology)
    Tues- clinical 7-12 PA seminar 3-5
    Wed-class 8-12 and 1-5(patho/pharm and nursing fundamentals)
    Thurs- off
    Friday class 1-4(nursing research and informatics)

    This is 1st semester of 4 semester BSN program
  2. by   maire
    Ah, I see the difference...for my program, all my pre-reqs are done and all I have left are the nursing classes...I can only take 1 nursing class a semester (unless you count the "elective" classes of med admin, pharmacology, and the preceptorship). Nur119 (semester 1) is worth 7 credits, Nur120 (semester 2) is worth 9, Nur214 (semester 3) is worth 8, and Nur215/216 (semester 4) is worth 10. The "electives" are 1 or 3 credits each, depending on which one (the preceptorship is worth 1, which I found odd).

    I am taking the ADN route to my RN for time crunch reasons...I see the courseloads for the BSN are a lot heavier, which is to be expected, but I think I will definitely work on getting my BSN after I get a job.

    Thanks everyone for your responses; I was curious as to how everyone else's courses were credited.