How many Credit hours?

  1. Im a LPN that works full time in a doctors office. Im taking pre-reqs for Rn program. What is the typical amt. of classes someone takes while working full time per semester? Just wondering. Some people have told me one and some say three. I know it depends on your own ability, i just wanted to see what the majority is doing. Thanks for your input!
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  3. by   Angella Walker
    Personally, I am taking 12 credit hours this semester, 12 in the summer and 16 in the fall. I am fortunate that my employer believes in higher education and I just make up the hours that I am in school. That may be difficult in the position you currently hold. You may want to change jobs, if money is a major concern of yours, to work in a hospital. At least there you have a variety of shifts to work...not to mention weekends.

    Good Luck on your LPN to RN journey!!!!!!!