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I was just accepted into a wonderful program which will give me the BSN by June, 2005, but the commute to the university is FAR! The clinicals will be at hospitals near me, but I'm wondering how... Read More

  1. by   Tarian
    When I start full-time classes this fall, my commute will be 15 minutes each way. Right now I'm taking a summer class at a community college to save money, which is 30 minutes away. Can't wait for fall.
  2. by   suzy253
    About 30-40 minutes to school depending on the traffic. When we start clinicals in October, the hospital associated with the nursing school is right across the parking lot. In our third year we will be doing more clinicals at different hospitals but RI is so small, everything is close!
  3. by   Nurse_RaRa
    From driveway to Interstate exit = 45 min one way. Clinicals are about the same (same town). Couldn't find a nice place (3 BR, 2 BA) in that town that would allow our PETS!!! I LOVE MY PETS (3). The new place will be worth it - gorgeous views, 25 acres, near a small town and YES - I'll be doing the drive and listen to Spanish tapes TOO!!!!

    We move in two weeks! YIKES!
  4. by   bedpan
    When I was accepted into my LPN program I quit my job and moved to where my school was! My apartment is less than one mile from campus and it takes me maybe 2 or 3 minutes from leaving the door of my apartment to walking through the door of my classroom
  5. by   txreyna
    My commute is 45min there and 45min back home. Luckily my clinicals are at a hospital only 20min away.

    I plan to record all my lectures and notes and listen to them while I commute. I am also hoping to find someone to car-pool with to help with gas expenses.

    Wish me luck!