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Our first essay (the final copy) in our ethics class is due two weeks from today. What the professor had us do was bring 2 hard copies to class last week, one goes to him, the other you trade with... Read More

  1. by   boofmd
    I just caught this thread through the newsletter. Very coincidental that right now I am pursuing my BSN through University of Phoenix. I'm in my first class and the topic of the week is ethics and plagiarism. I know this happens all the time- especially with technology and websites that offer full papers for a price. I know that I didn't have much time for anything while I was in nursing school before but I would never plagiarise a paper. I was so afraid of plagiarism and getting expelled that most of my term papers had quotes/citations every other line.
    I'm glad you turned her in though. She did obviously know that what she was doing was wrong. She didn't think she would get caught. If she's plagiarizing a simple paper, then once she becomes a nurse it makes me wonder what other documents would be falsified.
    I definitely would have turned that in too.
  2. by   Kinky Slinky RN
    I agree with most people on here.. I'd definitely point it out to the teacher. It's an ethics class, you know? How ethical would it be to ignore it? I think you made the right decision!! I know I wouldn't want a nurse who couldn't even write her own essays on ETHICS... Not very ethical to me =) Good job!!!
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  3. by   slou!
    It seems like a lot of people are acting like she didn't know what she was getting in to when she copied this essay! At my school, we are told TONS of times that plagiarism is against the law. If you plagiarize once, you will fail the class. If you do it again, you will get kicked out. That's it, bottom line. Why people still do it is beyond me! I went in to college knowing that if I ever plagiarized, I would jeopardize my future of becoming a nurse. I understand that it would be MY fault. Not the teacher who realized it, not if anyone else edited it, no one but MYSELF. It's not as if they stole the paper off the internet!

    I came across this situation in high school. It wasn't as big of a deal, but kind of similar nonetheless. Someone thought they could submit poems in to the school newspaper, claiming them as their own. I recognized one of them, because I had read the original author in English class, and me and my co-editor informed the teacher. I mean it was a widely known author that people would definitely recognize. How would WE look if we just published them?

    I think you did the right thing. You are not jeopardizing this person's future, they did that already! At least the teacher knows that you have strong ethics!
  4. by   BSNtobe2009
    Quote from rn/writer
    Plagiarizing is bad enough in any class, but to do it in an ethics class adds insult to injury. This is just plain wrong. And so very brazen.

    I think you need to let the instructor know what you found and let the chips fall where they may. This isn't tattling. You didn't go looking for trouble-it came looking for you.

    It would be one thing to look the other way if she didn't think anyone would catch her, but if you don't do anything, she could very well believe that she has your tacit approval of what she's done. Copying someone else's work might not seem like a big deal, but it establishes the idea that it's okay to take illicit shortcuts--not a good notion for a future nurse to carry around.

    I'm really sorry you are finding yourself in such a crummy predicament.