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I am curious as to how many miles every one goes to school one way.... Read More

  1. by   Scarlette
    When I was in nursing school it was 40 miles one way, 45-50 minute drive, did that for 2 years.....Just started a new job.......same distance and time.....opposite direction...... Hope my poor truck can hold up for awhile longer, it has 194,000 miles on it!
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  2. by   Love-A-Nurse
    Originally posted by shyviolet78
    For now, I only live about 5 miles from the campus where I am taking pre-req's. When I start the nursing classes next Fall, I'll be at a campus that is about 30 miles away, probably be an hour drive in traffic. We may move to be closer though, since both my hubby and I will be attending the nursing program there.

    It is great that you and your husband will be attending the same school to obtain you RN degrees! How exciting and much continued success to you both!
  3. by   Love-A-Nurse
    Originally posted by LPN,Future, RN
    I am curious as to how many miles every one goes to school one way.

    I travel approx. 15 minutes to school where I have been taking my pre-reqs and general courses since Fall semester of 2000.

    The program I have been accepted to, I will be traveling over an hour to school. I am still waiting on a school that is closer to accet me, but just in case it's not good news, I am going the over-an hour drive to school. I am determined and somehow, I will make it 4 semesters!
  4. by   Cindy_A
    Since I live in the "boonies" nothing is close to me! I travel 37 miles one way to school, takes about 45 min. Some of my clinical sites have been almost 2 hours drive! But, it's the closest school, and it's worth it!