How do you choose a school?

  1. How did you choose your nursing school?

    I'm wondering what kind of things are important to ask/find out about schools to consider - NCLEX pass rate, retention, clinical time?

    I'm a new pre-nursing student, and I have no idea where to start as far as looking for/choosing a school goes, so any input would be GREAT!

    Thanks yall!
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  3. by   FutureNurse2005
    The school that I want to go to has a high pass rate, an excellent reputation, high graduate job rate and it is not far away. But most importantly, it was the program itself. I love how it is set up, and I love the care that they have put into it. Another factor was the teacher/student relationships. The professors take pride in getting to know their students, so no one ends up being "just another number", that is a huge huge turn on for me! lol

    I have met with the Dean twice now, and I have been emailing with a couple of the professors as well. I want them to know who I am and how serious I am. I am more or less getting my foot in the door.

    Now, I do have a backup school, but I would much rather attend my first choice!
  4. by   GraceyB
    Those are great questions to start with. Also compare the curriculum between schools. I went to the school that I graduated from, as a second degree student you get priority in certain things. However, I looked at another school's website and found that the new school had a much better program in terms of classes, content, whole building dedicated to nursing/bio/chem.

    The bigger campus is a bit intiminating but hey I'm there to go to class and pass not to hang out at the student center. LOL

    Read a school's required classes and it's descriptions and I am sure questions will pop up.