How Do You Prep For The Pre-test Before Lvn Program??

  1. Hello, Im a new member and I am about to start the LVN program from Summit Career College in CA. I have a question, before I even get enrolled in the Nov. class i need to take a pre-test (reading, math, english)

    do you know any websites, books, etc. that will help me practice for the pre-test?


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  3. by   GingerSue
    I don't know of sites,
    but was wondering if you have textbook names
    and if any of these have CDs in them with practice questions?

    Or if the textbooks have practice exercises with each chapter?
    When I have taken math classes or English classes, they generally
    have exercises with each chapter for the purpose of practicing the
    material in each chapter (with answers at the back of the book)

    good luck