How Do You?

  1. I'm just curious on how you stay organized and on top of things? I'm 4 weeks in.. and I spend so much time reorgaizing my stuff. I think part of my problem is I'm in class over 30 hours a week (7 classes.. not by choice!) and I work third shift on the weekends...

    So what does everyone else do? I'm always looking for new ideas!
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  3. by   Megsd
    2 weeks in, this is how I'm doing it.

    1) I got a really good planner I will actually use (usually I'm gung-ho about planners for about a month and then forget I own them). I live by the Uncalendar (they have a website) because I plug in my own dates, and it has spaces for "What needs to be done this week?" kind of stuff. It has a weekly and monthly format as well. I prefer weekly. I highlight big things (tests, assignment due dates, etc.) in different colors so if I flip through my planner they are easy to spot.

    2) I got a big (really big) binder. All of my classes use powerpoint notes for lecture, so I print them off each week and bring them to class and keep them in my binder, organized by date. I also got some dividers that are also clear pockets, so I put my syllabus in there so it's always at hand (I used to be terrible for taking out my syllabus to look at my reading assignments and then losing it). I write every assignment (reading, test, project) in my planner as well.

    3) All of my classes are one day a week, which is nice because I have a whole week to complete assignments. I space out my reading over several days, so I am not stuck with my nose in one book for several hours. I prioritize based on the difficulty of reading (gets split up more), and of course, when it's due. I find reading over a few days allows me to absorb info better than trying to cram it all in at one sitting.

    4) I look around to see what my wonderful and intelligent classmates do to stay organized. For example, the clear dividers with pockets? A classmate did that on the first day of classes, and I thought it was such a good idea I did the same thing.

    So far I am able to accomplish everything in a reasonable amount of time and am not too terribly stressed out. Hope this gives you some good ideas!
  4. by   bcskittlez
    Thanks alot Meghan, I'm looking forward to seeing what others have to say too. Good thread Donein08, sometimes its the determining factor as to whether you make it or not.
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  6. by   jov
    sometimes people re-organize things because they are avoiding getting down to studying. Sometimes people re-organize things because they are being perfectionists. Neither one will be a helpful coping tool for getting through nursing school. So if it's either of those things, best to get rid of it now.
  7. by   bcskittlez
    uh oh... Anybody have some tips for helping to get rid of that??
  8. by   jov
    :trout: first of all, recognize it when it happens! Second of all, stay focused on the work you have assigned. I make a copy of the course schedule for every class and tape it to the wall of my office (bedroom or wherever you work). I systematically work through the things needed for each class. For example, if you have an assignment to pick a topic for your research class, you better be surfing CINAHL instead of color coding your index cards.

    second of all, keep a slight but deliberate edge of messiness to your notes :selfbonk: