How did you get your first healthcare job??

  1. I am having the darndest time just getting an entry level PT job in a hospital/clinical setting. 1st semester nursing student with no real clinical experience outside of nurse assisting training in LTC and Inpatient Rehab (a TOTAL of six days hands-on). I am applying for positions thru hospital websites and perusing the classifieds. What else can I do to try to secure employment? I thought I would have a slight advantage since many of the jobs only require a high school diploma. I have a two year degree already AND have the potential of moving into a RN position with the facility. I thought nursing students DID have some sort of advantage. Do I just not have enough clinical experience yet to look enticing???:uhoh21:

    How did you obtain your first healthcare job when you had NO experience??. I am posting this here because I want to know how you got your job BEFORE you became an RN. Once you have that RN it is easy, but what did you do until then? Is there no way I will get a job in a hospital w/o my CNA cert?? Did you know someone? Was it one of your clinical sites? Or did you just show up all "in-the-face" of the HR personel at the facility? How pushy am I supposed to be here?? Specifically I am interested in those who DID NOT have healthcare careers/experience before nursing school...I worked in medical claims but I want to gain some real experience!! Homecare is an option but I really don't want to work alone and I want to see all types of pts/conditions..

    Any feedback???
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  3. by   Dan's Sunshine
    LUCK!! I have NO experience. I was getting laid off and knew I needed to change careers. Saw an ad in the paper for an LPN earn as you learn program and went to the open house. It looked like at least 200 people there. They chose 4. All I can say is I happened to be in the right place at the right time.

    From what I understand hospitals want experience. When I interviewed I talked up what I did at home. I didn't lie, but I did make it sound like I did lots of stuff. I have a 2 year old, so I talked up how you have to find out what is wrong with someone who cannot communicate. Calculate dosages for meds based on weight. Comfort and support during illness. Wound care for my hubby. Wound care sounds better than peroxide and a band-aid. Anything that you can talk up is good.

    You could volunteer at the hospital you want to work for. That way you can network and show your skills and reliability.

    If you work in LTC as a CNA for a year that will also give you the experience they are looking for in most cases.

    Lots of luck to you. I know it is hard to find a job. It will work out for you!!

  4. by   NurCrystal22
    Write letters to HR explaining your goals and why you want to work there, send a resume.

    It's may be hard to get a job until you are CLOSER to finishing.

  5. by   stressgal
    I know in my area, hospitals are hesitant to hire nursing students as they must work around their crazy schedules. LTC, on the other hand, tend to call you for an interview before you even make it home from filling out the application. Just my experience.
  6. by   DenaInWyo
    And'll probably have better luck if you are a licensed CNA. In Wyoming, after you complete the first semester of nsg school, you're automatically elligible for a boards or anything. I have no idea if other states do anything similar, but it's worth checking into.