How did y'all get through case studies?

  1. Ugh! How did you guys get through case studies?

    I'm in the middle of my 2nd semester. My first case study is due on March 18th. I have my case study patient tomorrow. I did all the research tonight and I'm going How am I gonna get through this?

    Any tips for us first time case study writers??

    cause I'm pretty overwhelmed.....
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    School is a big enough job for right now!


  3. by   Aneroo
    We had case study books. Do you have to take a patient and make them a case study? How does it work?
    As for studies out of books, I used my textbook, online resources. I found my home health textbook wonderful for discharge needs. -A
  4. by   Stephanie82
    Yes. We have a patient and we make them our case study.

    I mean my patient has A LOT of stuff going on....writing enough pages isn't gonna be a problem....

    I just don't even know how to start one and how to begin to put it all together in some kinda make sense order...

  5. by   perfectbluebuildings
    In our school they usually give us a (rather vague) outline to follow that helps structure it; if they don't do that for you here are my suggestions (feel free to take or leave them!! )

    For me, it helps to organize it kind of like the patient's chart might be. For example, start with their name, address etc. if that is needed, and the admitting chief complaint and initial assessment. Include labs and admitting medications here. Then go through a review of body systems including all the illnesses/issues in each area, then sum up how the illnesses affect her body generally/as a whole, and include a psychosocial section including things like family, social support, their feelings about what caused their illness (etc. etc.), and growth and development, culture if relevant. Then (if you have to follow the patient over time), begin discussing medical and nursing interventions, I guess if you have to include a nursing care plan this would be a good place to do that. After that if you have to do a teaching plan I would put it in, and finally discharge assessment and planning. I don't know if this will help or not, but hopefully a little! Good luck- case studies can be overwhelming!!!