Hot tips on how to survive OB clinicles and lectures

  1. I need your input to all former OB nursing students on how to survive OB cilicals and lectures. I will start my next class October 15, and and freaking out already. Is it similar to med-surg?
    Especiallly in clinical share your DOs and DON'Ts about mothers and babies before I stumble on foolish mistakes.


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  3. by   Daytonite
    don't fall into the trap of thinking, or being intimidated by people, that having a baby(ies) gives you some kind of instant "experience" or knowledge in ob. that is a myth. one of the main reasons doctors have preferred to have women give birth in hospitals is because of all the complications and things that can (and do) go wrong. it is more rare than you can imagine that everything goes absolutely normally.
    1. know the a&p of the female gyn system
    2. know the normal pregnancy and what should be happening in each step and phase
    3. everything else is what goes wrong in all the various steps and phases--and boy! can things go wrong. understand the pathophysiology of what is happening when these things go wrong to help explain (rationalize) the symptoms the patient will have because your nursing interventions are based upon these
    4. you can't see a lot of damage and injury that occurs to the internal gyn tissues, but it's safe to assume that the pushing and trauma of a baby coming through the birth canal is going to have an effect on the surrounding tissues of the mothers body.
    here are some very nice weblinks for ob that you should bookmark and use for reference:
  4. by   BethulieRN
    I really appreciate your input. Your input is really encouraging and stimulating to not be afraid and to study hard with a plan.
    Thanks a lot