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Does anyone know anything about these programs hospitals have where the give you money for school and in turn you have to work for them once you graduate? I just seen on the news here that one of... Read More

  1. by   kellye
    i think it was called a federal nursing loan, about $1000 per semester. my financial aid advisor signed me up for everything available. i have received $$ from pell, the state and the loan to cover tuition costs. use your financial aid office

    p.s. one of my classmates is from oklahoma and lives in the dorm here
  2. by   Sarahstudent
    I've applied to a mentorship program that pays $750 and then $250/m while you're in School for the first year and it goes up every year after that for every year that you're in school. I'd have to sign a five year contract to work within the region. It's the biggest region in my home province so I have many options. I'm going for it....what's to loose?
  3. by   Alie
    I've been talking with a hospital where I live and for every semester they pay for you work for them 6 months. And you always have the option to buy them out or go to work for someone that will. I don't know if they charge interest or not!