Holy Family University Spring 2018 Accelerated

  1. Anyone accepted for the Spring '18 start, for the second degree BSN program? I was hoping to connect with some future classmates through this! I got the invitation for orientation today, so things are becoming real. Hopefully someone is out there! haha.
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  3. by   AnnieNP
    Congratulations!!!!!! My daughter graduated from Holy Family with her BSN 6 years ago and had a good experience.
  4. by   kellyfuturebsn
    Quote from AnnieNP
    Congratulations!!!!!! My daughter graduated from Holy Family with her BSN 6 years ago and had a good experience.
    Thank you! I am doing their second degree BSN program and I've heard nothing but great things. They were my first choice school so I am SUPER excited I got in. I'm really hoping some other future students chime in! I'm glad your daughter loved it as well, it just adds to my excitement
  5. by   Kalsip20
    Hi! I was accepted to the spring 2018 program also! I don't know anyone else doing the program, but I am looking forward to orientation next month!
  6. by   kellyfuturebsn
    Finally a classmate! Haha. I have been trying so hard to get a thread started for our class, but AllNurses has just seemed to be quiet in general. I'm excited for orientation too, and to actually get some solid information on our program. I hope more people chime in, I'd love to start like a FB group page or something, so we can all communicate. It'll probably be helpful when we're in the thick of classes.
  7. by   Kalsip20
    Hahah I know! Hopefully we can get some sort of conversation thread started! Do you know anyone that has been through holy family's program? I'm from Boston, so I'm moving down there and just looking to get any information I can before the start of it!
  8. by   kellyfuturebsn
    One of my old co-workers was the person who told me about this program and she said she absolutely loved it. This was my first choice after hearing how much she liked it. She had a job within weeks of graduating at a hospital in Atlantic City (where she was from). She said the instructors were all amazing and give you all the necessary information to succeed, and that although it's A LOT, it's actually a really enjoyable and interesting program.

    I believe for the most part, we're in classes/clinical 4-5 days a week, and I did see someone said there is ONE session where it may end up being 6 days, however I'm not 100% certain on that. I did talk to a few girls on Facebook about their experience and all of them have nothing but great things to say. Holy Family has a great reputation in this area and connections at all the major hospitals in Philly.

    Also, this program isn't at their Philly campus, it's in Newtown which is a really nice area. I know this will be an intense program but I am so anxious to start. I did almost all accelerated for my pre-reqs and finished them in August, so I honestly don't know what to do with myself until January lol. Hopefully someone that finished this program will chime in!
  9. by   kellyfuturebsn
    Also, what's important, their NCLEX pass rate is REALLY high. Someone in one of the last cohorts said 100% of their class passed on the first try.
  10. by   Kalsip20
    Wow that's great! I know I finished my prereqs back in may, and it seems like January is a ways away but with orientation right around the corner it's getting real! I'm very excited to start! I'm moving down to langhorne pa area, do you know much about that area by any chance?
  11. by   kellyfuturebsn
    I actually grew up and still live in Langhorne haha. Langhorne is your typical suburb, it's generally a really nice area! We are in close proximity to so much and only about a 30 minute drive (when there's no traffic on 95 haha) to Center City Philadelphia, and about an hour to an hour and a half from NYC by train. You're basically going to be in a neighboring town of Newtown. It's awesome that you're moving to participate in the program! I'm very fortunate to have had so many programs to choose from, right in my hometown area.

    I'm so ready for orientation, and it's true, it is really starting to feel real.
  12. by   Kfrank417
    I will also be in your class. Looking forward to Friday and learning more about the program.
  13. by   kellyfuturebsn
    Quote from Kfrank417
    I will also be in your class. Looking forward to Friday and learning more about the program.
    Yayyy! I'm excited for tomorrow too. If I get a few more people to respond, I'd be happy to make a class page for Facebook.
  14. by   nursinghopeful92
    hi i am looking to apply to their program next year. is there any way I can privately message you to ask about pre reqs and program questions? this whole process is making me so anxious. I have yet to take nutrition and i am from connecticut and was wondering what nutrition will be accepted for their program