Holmes CC alternate, anyone know how this works?

  1. Was chosen as an alternate for Holmes CC, Ridgeland campus. Am a 44-y/o medical transcriptionist with 3.85GPA, and just wondering how this works? Does everyone who qualifies but does not make it in become an alternate, or do they, say, pick 5 or 15? I had resigned myself to the fact that I would need to finish pre-reqs, and was pleasantly surprised that I am an alternate! Going to go ahead and take A&P I&II this summer and CPR cert. (and physical and shots...), but still wondering if anyone got in maybe last year that was an alternate?
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  3. by   AOx1
    Can't speak for this particular cc, but at the college where I teach, we accept "x" number of students each year. All students are ranked, and we keep a list of the rankings, including those who don't get in. Our college doesn't limit the number of alternates, just those admitted. So, if someone accepted in the class declines or is unable to attend, the next person in order from the alternate list will be accepted.
  4. by   deedee3
    Got it - that makes sense. I did read as many threads as I could on this "alternate business," and glad to get some more responses! Thanks
  5. by   lunden
    i to was pleasantly surprised that i was an alternate. i attend school in mi. and was told that if i don't get a spot for the fall then i will have a spot for spring 2010, either way i was surprised because i was previously denied twice and then on a whim decided to reapply. but all of our prereq. have to be done prior to applying.
  6. by   deedee3
    Whew - received ACCEPTANCE letter Saturday !!! for fall ADN at Holmes Community College !!! Starting A&P today though. Getting ready for the whirlwind.