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  1. Just received my acceptance letter for the Spring 2010 start. Any other future classmates out there?
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  3. by   amas16
    Me! hi! hopefully ill be at the dale mabry campus in the daytime program!..i was wondering if we will be doing a summer semester or not...i called hcc but no one could/would tell me the semester schedule. does anyone know? =)
  4. by   Starfish1
    no summer semesters, I started August of 2008 and am in my third semester, so it is best to find a job or something to do over the summers, I worked with a program AHEC, they accept 8 students for a summer teaching program for minority populations and I got a job as a tech at a hopsital- it is best to get your foot in the door somewhere!
    let me know if you have any questions
  5. by   skad33
    Quote from contrail
    just received my acceptance letter for the spring 2010 start. any other future classmates out there?
    congratulations contrail!

    hi, i got my acceptance also for the spring 2010 start. there are many others on the hcc applicants for spring 2010by josh101 thread.
  6. by   Contrail
    Hey Skad33. Thanks, I'll check it out then.
  7. by   amas16
    Hi again! I was wondering if anyone could tell me what reading I should start doing because I know that we are supposed to read before school starts. I'm not sure what books I'll be needing either, if someone could tell me that would be amazing! Thanks so much! I would love any other tips anyone could give me as well! =)
  8. by   Nursing Student 09
    Does HCC accept by the order that the applications come in? Or do they review them all at the end of the deadline? I'm debating whether to turn my application in now for the Fall of next year or waiting for the end of the semester so my grades from this semester will be included.

    Also, how long did everyone wait to get into the nursing program after applying?
  9. by   Vi0let0069
    Hey... i am graduating from the HCC program in dec of 09. Congratulations on starting the program. The program does NOT offer summer classes. You only go spring/fall fall/spring. The LPN transition program has summer classes but they do not have enough teachers to teach both programs throughout the year. i hope you have a great time. You will def need the Perry and Potter and Lewis book. YOu will need a drug guide and the Nursing diagnosis book. YOu really dont' need to buy the Lab test book though. If you have any other question feel free to email me
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  10. by   Vi0let0069
    Dont worry about reading for the first semester. Alot of the things that you learn at the beginning of the 1st semester are pretty much common sense. A couple weeks into the semester it will be more important to read. I would look over more of the first couple chapters of the math book. Conversions, how to read labels, and the basic nursing math formulas.