1. Hi there! I haven't been here in weeks, this is my first semester back in school in 10 years, and the adjustment hasn't been easy. I had to take Basic Math as a refresher course because I did'nt remember anything, but I'm done with that one (it was a self pace course) I finished in 1/2 a semester with an A. I'm also taking Gen. Psyc and have an A so far, BUT Gen Biology is driving me a little insane. We have 4 tests and a final. Our prof. counts only 4, so if you do well on the first 4 tests, and you decide you don't want to take the final you don't have to. Here is the thing, I got a 54% on my first test(I have no choice now but to take the final), I panicked, because I studied a lot for that test. Anyways I signed up for tutoring, I've been going once a week, plus a girl in my class has been helping me also. On my second test I got a 75. Not thrilled, but happy I passed . My third test is on the 19, I was hoping to see how I did on that one before deciding if I should drop the class, the problem is the last day to withdraw is on the 15. So I'm sticking with it, and HOPE for the best. I'm doing well on the lab portion and that is 25 % of the total grade. At this point I'll be happy even if I get a C in the class. I have been SO busy, like I'm sure everyone in here is, I know I'm not the only one who's having a hard time trying to make time to be a MOM, WIFE and STUDENT .Anyways, just needed to vent, I know you guys understand.
    Have a great week.

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  3. by   MK2002
    General Psych was easy at CCCC? That is good news. I took it at a state university back in 1975 and earned a B in it. The class was difficult in that environment. Not all my transcripts from 5 institutions of higher education have been received yet by CCCC, so I still do not know if the school is going to award transfer credit for that class. I had been planning to take Nutrition as one of my classes next semester. Your post has influenced me to either switch that class to Psych or wait until later with American History and take both Nutrition and Psych next semester.

    The Biology requirement may or may not be a problem. I earned an A in it back in 1989. Supposedly, this is not recent enough for the A&P prerequisite requirement. Last August when I was trying to register for A&P I managed to convince the girl at the registration terminal to ignore that requirement. Unfortunately, there was no open section I could fit into my schedule. So once again I might have to deal with that Bio requirement. I hope they ignore it. The class would be a breeze. I just don't want my progress delayed by a semester over some backward requirement.
  4. by   AnaH
    My Psyc class is a video check out course. I watch the videos at home at my own convenience and go to class once a month for a review, then you have 4 days to take your exam. The prof. name is Creech and he is in the Frisco campus.(If you are planning on taking this class I highly recommend this prof.)
    Are you taking any classes now?
  5. by   TeresaRN2b
    Vent away Ana! I am a wife and mom and student to be and I know what you mean about forgetting things as you get older. The semester will be over before you know it and keep studying and you'll get through it.

  6. by   Mkue

    All my psychs were really easy, General, Abnormal, Life-span..etc..

    From one mom, wife and student to another. GOOD LUCK !
  7. by   MK2002
    Right now I am not taking any classes at CCCC. When I was unable to register for that A&P class I became so disappointed I did not know what to do. Working 12-hour shifts leaves me confused and drained of energy, so I did nothing. Having been out of school for several years, I forgot about self learning type of classes.

    I plan to take the Web section of the courses. Hopefully, this does not mean having to watch take home videos. Is this what it means? I just want to read textbooks, show up for the exams, and get A's as usual. My work schedule prevents me from attending classes. I will be completing classes through the Spring Creek campus.
  8. by   AnaH
    MK2002 The video is just part of it. You still have to read and do the workbook assignments. For example ,you read a chapter and watch a video that is 30 mins long, then you do the workbook assignment, when you complete the 4 chapters, you go to the review session, and then take the test. It is very easy, but you need to make time for it. I take my other classes on the spring creek campus, but this one it's offered at preston ridge campus, but since I only go twice a month (once for the rewiew session and once for the test) it's not that bad.Rewiew sessions are thursday evenings and the test, you have a choice to take it friday, saturday, monday or tuesday anytime during testing center hours.
    It works for me since I have to wait until my hubby gets home from work to watch the kids.
    I was told by some students NOT to take A&P with a proff. Lyman. (I think that's how you spell her name), so when you register watch for that name.
    Later, Ana
  9. by   MK2002
    It is interesting that you mentioned Lyman. Her section is the one I wanted to register for because it was being held so late in the evening. I looked at next semester's schedule already. Basically, none of the semester one courses normally held in the Fall have enough offerings. So A&P I and others will have to wait.

    What worries me is this notion of review sessions for other classes. If these are not held late in the evening, then I honestly have no time for them--unless they are on my scheduled day off that week. My 12-hour shifts are awful. There is no taking off work allowed for any reason except medical. If the review session is at 8 PM or later, then I can make it. Having been awake since 4:45 AM, I will be exhausted at 8 PM, but I could still be there.

    I noticed that some classes mention an orientation session. Nowhere could I find anything about a review session. A Statistics course I researched had neither of these meetings. Hopefully, I can avoid any sessions.
  10. by   dstudent
    Hey welcome back
  11. by   AnaH
    MK2002 The rewiew sessions are not mandatory, a lot of people in my class don't go, not even the orientation session is mandatory, even if it says that on the schedule. I couldn't go to orientation, and e-mailed the prof. and he told me to go to the library on campus and pick up the paper work,(all the paper work, grades, etc it's done thru the library.) By the way the rewiew sessions are at 7pm, and only lasts about an hour.
  12. by   AnaH
    Hi guys, THANK YOU for your great welcome!!!!!