Hey students... make the grade!

  1. Just a quick FYI to you students out there. I realize you all probably already try your hardest to make the grade. I am a nurse who has been out a school for a few years and didn't think I would go beyond my BSN. I am now applying to NP schools (never would have thought that). However, I must tell you now to try to keep that GPA above a 3.3 (at least). I tell you this because I am now finding 1.) anything above that pretty much gets you into any graduate school 2.) if you are in that range many schools will waive your having to take the GRE 3.) it a b*&%^ to try to get you grade point up. I write this because I never really thought much about it in school and I now realize how much easier it will make your life later on. Good Luck.
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  3. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Thank you. Anything i have ever said about grades is for the exact reason you just stated.