Hey, just new to this whole deal, looking for some friends and/or advice!!!

  1. Hi, I am a twenty-four year old mother of one precious little three year old girl. I am starting school January 14th to become an LPN/LVN. I'm really nervous, and could use some positive feedback on what to expect and just how to absorb all of the information I will be learning. I could also just use some new friends who are experiencing this, or already have. Well, thanks. I hope to meet some really nice people.
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  3. by   zacarias

    Hey welcome!! I've just finished the 1st quarter of nursing school and saw your message. Congratulations on being accepted to the LPN program.
    The truth is, nursing school will probably be unlike anything you've ever done in your life. Have no fear, for you can do it. It may be overwhelming, but remember you are not alone. You got all your fellow compadres online that are doing it and of course you'll have your classmates.
    Most important thing is to get a study group together!! At the end of the first week, look around and see which people you like or would like to get to know better. See who you think you might study well with. Get a study group together and study with them! Study the material but also leave time for great laughs together as you MUST maintain your sense of humor throughout the program. I did a study group and it saved my life. I could not have passed 1st quarter without them. Just to have that support, people who are doing it too...it really helps.
    Anyway, I wish you nothing but the best and hope to hear more from you.

  4. by   GPatty
    Congrats on school! Zach sure was right when he said it's like nothing you have ever experienced before! Interesting, wonderful and so exasperating! Keep up and don't fall behind, cause if you do, you're lost forever!
    Go get 'em girl!
    PS I am also in the LPN program. You'll find some great people on here with some equally great advice. Shoulders to cry on, and folks to laugh with! This is one heck of a place!
  5. by   Tara K Jennings
    Thank you both so much, it really feels good to know that there are good people out there to help me get over the " butterfly in the stomach " part of all of this. I will use all of the advice that y'all ( it's a Texas thing ) have given me, and take it to heart. I'm just getting pumped up about going, it's something I've been waiting to do for a long time. If there is anything that I can ever do for you, just holler. I hope to get to talk to y'all in the future.

    Thanks again, Tara
  6. by   Danielle4
    HI Tara!
    Just to let you know I am 24 as well and I am a student.
    I have the same butterfly feelings you do. (check out my butterfly quote!)

    I have only been a member for about a week now, but I have totally found a wealth of information here.

    The people here are just great! I am still deciding if I want to go to nursing school, but just talking with everyone has made me decide to go for it. (Right now I am a human biology major.)
    I wish you the best of luck with your school.

    I totally agree with Zach on the study groups - I would have never gotten through most of my classes if it were not for that. It is so much easier to stay on task when someone else is counting on you as well- you cannot do this on thursday because your study group is counting on you to study with them that night. I cannot stress how important this was for me.

    Hey, maybe we can keep in touch through school. I know I will need some one to share encouragements with. It is always easier when you have a buddy to nudge you on when you need it. They always seem to know when you need it too.

    I am curious what you are wanting to do when you get your degree? work in hospital? I am still learning what there is to do, but it seems like there are sooooo many things you can do with a nursing degree. I am thinking of being school nurse. I would totally love to work and teach kids. I do not know if they would hire new grads though. Plus it will probably take me forever to finally finish school. Mainly, if I do become a nurse I really want to be a good one that is my goal. I guess the butterflies are also because I am not sure if I will be a good nurse. only time will tell and hopefully someday I will.

    I know I worked my butt of in my A&P class to get a B. I am so proud of that B. (only 3 people got A's and 10 people failed so I am completely comfortable with my B! ---out of those we started out with 45 people in the class and only 17 were left in my class but the other class had about 30 in it still I cannot believe how fast people drop classes.)

    I am hoping I can make it. I hear A&P is truly the test on whether you can do it. I wonder if this is true? Anyone know?

    I am hoping I can. I know it will be hard, but I am willing to study. It is just so hard when you work 2 jobs. Yippes. I am hoping next year I will not have to work so much then I will take the micro class and then start the program.

    Good Luck!!

  7. by   Metron
    Congratulations on starting nursing school!

    Listen very carefully (this is all in humor - maybe!)

    1) Go to your husband and children - say good-bye
    2) Call your parents - say good-bye - but tell them you will call if you need money
    3) Go to bed, sleep as long as you can. Get up, look at your bed and pillow - say good-bye
    4) Do some role-playing. Imagine talking to yourself - your currently non-neurotic, calm, loveable self. Say good-bye!
    5) Finally, find all the people who are telling you to rethink your decision, all the people who don't think you have the stuff to do it, all the people trying to dicourage you. Say good-bye.

    There were times ( I just graduated from an LPN program 2 days ago) where I had to decide if I was coming back the next day. But if you stay in, you'll get out. And as hard as it will feel sometimes, it feels even better on the other side

    God bless
  8. by   mopsi
    hi....and welcome ..i am alot older than you but could still be a "netfriend"..you have just embarked on a life altering course and will need support along the way...enjoy the upcoming holiday season...please don't hesitate to throw me a question if you feel the need.i'd be honored to try and get you the answer....blessings to you...

  9. by   craff1
    Welcome! They are all great people here. Cruz the boards and you'll pick up a lot of good advice. Especially some links for anatomy and physiology, drug calculations, and used book deals. Come laugh and cry w/ us any time!