Hesi exam scores. Not sure what they mean

  1. So I took my HESIA2 exam today i was scared and thought I failed math it asked me to fill out my email and I did. When i got home I was all depressed thinking I failed then i checked online and saw these scores.

    ExamDate CompletedHESI ScoreConversion ScoreClass AveragePercentile - Admission Assessment Report
    December 18, 2010 87.83%

    A2 V-2 Math
    Version: 18, 201084.00%
    A2 V-2 Grammar
    Version: 18, 201094.00%
    A2 V-2 Read Comprehension
    Version: 18, 201091.30%
    A2 V-2 Vocabulary
    Version: 18, 201082.00%

    I saw a few threads saying the conversion score is your actual score but mine didn't come in yet, I don't want to get excited for no reason. Does this mean I passed or not? or Is it not enough info. In my school the English and grammar were the only important parts of the test. Most people didn't even get to the Sciences.
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  3. by   turnforthenurse
    There is a Hesi score and a conversion score as well as your percentile. Generally with a Hesi exam, getting an 850 or above is considered acceptable (passing) and scoring a 900 or above is recommended. Hesi scores vary from 0 to over 1,000 and can be as high as 1,500, depending on the difficulty of the exam. Each exam is weighted...so if you order more difficult questions correctly, you will get more credit than if you answer less difficult questions correctly.

    The conversion score (percentages) is a weighted percentage score that considers the average difficulty of an exam and the average difficulty of test items that you answered.

    The percentile score determines how many students in the nation scored BELOW your score.

    For example, for my critical care Hesi, I scored in the 89.81 percentile rank, which means I performed better on this test than 89.81% of students who took this exam and only 10.19% of the nations students scored better than me.

    The conversion score is basically your score on the Hesi as if your instructors were factoring in that test for a grade. For example, my conversion score on my critical care Hesi was a 98%, so just think of that as your "grade" (A) - if that makes sense.