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    ! I was wondering if anyone can help me out. Doyou have to take the HESI examation at your school? I have been studying very hard for finals, doing the chapter reviews, NCLEX qestions, and I just took the psych and adult HESI practice tests and did horrible on them! I am really worried b/c I have 3 HESI exams along with my finals this upcoming week. Does anyone else think the HESI questions are harder than the NCLEX practice questions or is just me? It is really scary b/c in 6 months I take a comprehensive HESI exam and if I do not get an 85, I do not graduate!

    Can anyone share their experiences with them?

    Thanks in advance for your advice!
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  3. by   meownsmile
    Yep,, HESI wore me out. I had no idea when i finished if i had passed or not, the questions made entirely no sense to me at all at the time. Keep studying it cant hurt.
  4. by   Mithrah
    Our school makes us take the HESI, but we aren't required to get a certain score. It is just a helpful tool for the school to see where the students stand after finishing the PN or RN portion of the schooling.

    I took the PN HESI and got a 99.56. I take the RN HESI in about 1 month and I hope I get at least a 90.00.
  5. by   jjbaby
    In my opinion there is no effective way to study for HESI. It is designed to test your critical thinking skills and to test what you have retained. Of course reviewing the material you have learned is helpful, but there is way too much info to go back and cover. The NCLEX review practice questions also will help. These only help you to learn HOW to answer questions that you don't know the answer to, don't expect to come across any identical questions on HESI.

    We took HESI at the end of 1st year and I take the final HESI on Monday. I got a 99.9 on the first one, although I did not think I did well on it. On the Hesi we take this week, we must have a 85% to graduate. Review major points from each section you have covered. NCLEX review the sections that will be covered and relax. The answers are there for you to find.

    Read the questions very carefully, ask your self "What is this question asking me?" Sometimes the question may try to trick you into selecting the wrong answer. Know exactly what the question wants from you.

    Try to immediately rule out any answers that you know are incorrect, this brings your chances of picking the right one considerably.

    But, my best advice is to know your pathophysiology!!! If you know what is happening in the body with any given disorder, it will be much easier to figure out questions about that disorder.

    Good Luck to you. JJ