help with 3 to 5 minutes oral presentaion on nursing

  1. hello,
    I am a pre-practical nursing student here in Georgia. I need help. I have a 3 to 5 minute oral presention to do on Nursing in my english class. Please if you have any information I need it.
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  3. by   tonicareer
    What is the topic? Did you look at Yahoo or a search engine for info?
  4. by   missionnurse
    How about touching on the nursing shortage and how it has affected patient care?
  5. by   Bevi
    How bout doing a short talk on the history of nursing, you can find info on that topic in just about any "fundamentals of nursing" book. there's plenty of info , and its interesting!
  6. by   mitchco
    Thank you for your ideas. They have helped alot.