Help!!! Urgent-Please Reply!!!!

  1. Today I have Hospital Orientation, Oh I am Nervous.:uhoh21: I will be meeting my clinical instructor for the first time today. Tommorow will be my first clinical day so I am supposing that today I will have preclinical after orientation.

    My question to all of you seasoned students and nurses is, What the heck do we do in pre-clinical? What should I bring with me to be prepared? Is their a place for me to store my purse and perhaps my books and blank care plan sheet?

    My school has been more than vague about what is expected of us during pre-Clinical. Is this because our clinical instructor is in charge of this? I am just feeling real nervous. I want to be as prepared as possiby, so please, at least share with me your FIRST Pre-Clinical and what you did?

    What did you look for in the chart? We were told to not do a complete assessment on our patient and to find as much information as we could in the patients chart. They don't want us to burden the patient with repetitively having to answer the same questions. Good for them- Maybe not so good for me!

    I have never even seen a chart so I feel completely in the dark about what and where to look for the information I need.....

    Thank you in advance for all of the help you guys have been!!!!

    Did I mention how excited I am!!!!!!!
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  3. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Try to avoid taking your purse if you can. It's one less thing to keep track of. Keep necessities in pockets, or in small bag.

    Take a notebook and two pens (in case one pen croaks). Make sure that pens is black.

    Take that blank care plan sheet, and use it as a reference. Don't write on it first, write on note book paper what you MIGHT put on the care plan sheet before you use the plan sheet
  4. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    In the chart, you're going to look for all sorts of things. Lab results, meds, physical and history, etc. Make notes of all of this, leaving out the pt.s name.
  5. by   Love4Me
    I only had pre-clinical for my first semester. During pre-clinical we were able to meet our patient (that relieves a bit of the nervousness for the following day). In the charts we looked at labs (write down the abnormal values), the client's history, why they are here now, current medications, and anything else that is relevant in the chart. It gives you a chance to go home and look up the disease process, look up their meds, and figure out a plan of care for tomorrow. Don't be too nervous, it is a good experience.

    Take with you something to write with and something to write on. I would leave all valuables in the car or at home. 9 and 1/2 times out of 10, there is no place to store your belongings. How long are you going to be in pre-clinical? In my experience, we were only there for 2 hours. I didn't take any books with me because I didn't have time to use them. Spend about half the time looking in the chart and half the time talking with the client. Don't ask them questions as though you are interviewing. I find that if I introduce myself and start a normal conversation with my patient, I get more information than I do in interview style.

    Even though they are sick and hospitalized, just remember that they are human just like you and me. It helps with my nervousness when I remember that.

    Good luck and enjoy the experience!
  6. by   mediatix8
    OK, when you are looking through the chart, whatever is handwriten, you will not be able to read. It will look like a big sloppy mess. It's ok. Bring an abbreviations book to look things up, as there are a lot of abbreviations in the chart. You have to have experience to be able to figure out what everything actually says. I remember we were all afraid to go meet our patient. I was so scared to go into this guy's room because, well I wasn't a nurse and had no idea about anything. Just remember one thing- when you graduate, you don't know enough to be on your own. You get weeks, months of orientation with another nurse- one to one training. That's where most of your learning happens.
  7. by   All_Smiles_RN
    When we went the day before clinicals to research our patients, all we needed was pen and paper. We'd take the chart and get our notes out of it. One of the most helpful things in the chart is the History and Physical also called H&P. I would also read through the nursing notes to see what type of concerns/interventions the nurses had been working on.

    It takes time to feel comfortable with the charts. You will spend a lot of time with them this semester, so by the end, you'll know exactly where to flip in it to find out what you need. Good luck today!
  8. by   GrnHonu99
    I find that taking a clipboard is very helpful..I agree with the others leave the purse at home or I leave mine in the trunk of my car. In my pre clinical we discussed our patients, maybe an overview of the day...the instructor would run down our pts really quick...this semester we dont really do pre clincal just post conference good luck!!!!

    oh we have to go the day before clincal to get our assignment, we look in the chart and take down any hx or labs..etc..