Help! Pep talk needed!

  1. Ok here's the deal.

    Tomorrow is my very last final! 13 modules plus drugs for a code, plus periop, and my study group and I are very stressed out!

    This is it! We are down to the very last test we have to take in school!!!


    None of us can sleep; half of us can't eat!

    I know we will live through it, but.......

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  3. by   CountrifiedRN
    Hi Misty!

    Don't worry, you've made it this far, and you've done well, so you will make it through this final. Just relax, and consider how much you already know. You'll do fine!

    In less than a week you'll be graduating and getting your pin! Nothing can stop you now!
  4. by   LauraF, RN
    Try to avoid caffeine. Study today, but get a good nights sleep tonight. You don't want to totally screw up because you are so tired you are falling asleep during the test. You would not have gotten this far if you did not know what you were doing. Keep your chin up. You can do it!!!

  5. by   ats
    I second the sleep vote! You won't absorb anything if you're dragged-out tired! I've always found that I retain more if I do a quick review (NOT a cram session) right before bedtime. I believe studies have proven this to be true as well. That's also when I review what I need to do the next day, and I never have any trouble remembering those things.

    If you've been doing the readings and studying all along, just relax, you'll do fine! And I'd say with a study group to help reinforce the information, you're in the best possible shape. So just relax, think about graduation, and enjoy the rest of the experience.

    Best of luck to you!