Help Passing Pharmacology and Fundamental 2 - page 2

Hello, I AM CURRENTLY DROWNING IN MY PHARMACOLOGY and a little bit in Fundamentals 2. I have done all I could studied, youtube vidoe practice questions and still not getting a great... Read More

  1. by   nurseprnRN
    The Physiology Coloring Book, Wynn Kapit
  2. by   nerdgrl
    Hi MeagAshley, I'd love to get copies of the concept maps!
  3. by   babdulrahim
    hi can you please email those to me:

    I failed my first two exams and I have been reading and doing what everyone else but I don't seem to get the whole concept map thing
    THank you
  4. by   babdulrahim
    can u please email those concept maps to me too