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  1. I am to write a case study on CATARACT and EXTRA CAPSULAR CATARACT EXTRACTION. Please can anybody help me? I need a website on how to get started,or any thing to
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  3. by   rags
    Sorry I can't help you. When I was in nursing school we read and disected lots of case studies but never actually wrote our own.

    Did you get any other information or are you supposed to make the whole thing up? i.e. create a patient and situation? If that is what you are supposed to do than I would probably start with looking up the patho of CATARACTS, from there go on to sign/symptoms and then finish off with treatment (including info on EXTRA CAPSULAR CATARACT EXTRACTION).

    This should give you a good understanding to make your story sound believable with several facts pertaining to what you may see in a patient with cataracts (no pun in tended )

  4. by   Daytonite
    i am assuming this is not a real patient, is that right? if that is so, the first thing you want to do is get information about cataracts and the procedure of the extra capsular cataract extraction so you know what it entails for the patient and what kind of care is required. you will also want to know some of the pathophysiology that is behind the formation of cataracts as that is what most instructors are also looking for. after doing that you want to make a list of all the symptoms of a cataract, the same signs and symptoms that a doctor would use to determine a medical diagnosis. you, however, are going to use those same symptoms to determine nursing diagnoses and nursing interventions. along with the new knowledge you learned about what the cataract extraction entails and the aftercare required you will be able to tailor a written care plan to the needs of this patient.

    here are some websites where you can find nicely written and easy to understand information about cataracts by doing a search for them:
  5. by   emybaby2
    Thanks, i'll check out the websites. Am checking out a patient with cataract in an opthalmic clinic. Am going to research on the patient. Let me go on as i progress, i'll let you all know about it.
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