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I am taking a full load the Spring/Summer semesters, so I have decided to get a jump in A&P. Today I purchased the Anatamy coloring book. I am just wondering from all you wonderful nursing... Read More

  1. by   Xanadu1347201
    I have tried a number of things and you just have to know what works for you and what doesn't. When I took A&P the first time I tried real hard to keep up in the note taking department. She went so fast it was almost as bad as an auctioneer!! So the next semester, when I had to retake it, I bought a small recorder for the notes I missed and wrote my notes in alternating red and blue ink. Somehow this worked for me and I made a very high B, like 3 points away from an A.
    Also flashcards have been a great help in memorizing stuff in pharmacology. And personally I never had the time to sit and color all the pages in the coloring book, so it was a waste of money for me.
    If you have Marieb or Hole there are great sites with quizes and puzzles on them.
    Marieb's is go to student resources

    Hole's is

    I am in the same boot with you, sister!! Taking A&P after about 8 years. I decided it was best to retake it for the brush-up. I am also trying to raise my GPA up and get into the nursing class for Fall 2003. Good Luck!!
  2. by   nessa1982
    We started with histology
    then went on from their (dont remember the order)
    senes (hearing,vsion ect)
    & thier was way more stuff buy I forgot the categories

    The thing that helped my w/ it was to actually look at the stuff over & over. Our school has a computer lab and i was on the coputers ALL the time. Our teacher made students who wanted to get an A make a powerpoint study guide which was set up like a computerized flashcard for lab stuff (a pic comes up and says what is this, you click and it gives the answer ect). I would really recommend quizing yourself over the material.

    On bones it really helps to touch them and er play with them to help you remember all the names.

    I studed a lot for that class but I realy enjoyed it and got an A (I took an 8 unit class). Hope you have fun and do well
  3. by   c.wicks
    I am truly sorry for my poorly worded previous post. It seems that sometimes I open my mouth and insert my foot and end up biting my own toes off. Maybe I need to slap myself.

    My only excuse (and it is pretty lame) is that I was tired and when I read the part in your post about learning anatomy from a coloring book, I only thought about the coloring book A Visit With My Doctor that I bought for my son when he was three.

    I had no idea that some nursing programs were actually using coloring books as a teaching aid. When I was in college I took a course in Human Anatomy and a separate course in Animal Physiology.

    Please accept my humble apology and I wish you the best in your professional endeavors.