Help in forming Nursing Implications

  1. hi all :wink2:
    can anyone help me to better figure out what nursing implications* are (what i need to watch for) and but how do i go about forming them or finding them?
    i understand what they are with regard to meds (pt should avoid driving) while taking this medication, but what about for everything else, that doesn't have to do with meds?


    *means what i need to watch for; like vs, lab values, interactions, etc.
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  3. by   marilynmom
    I use several sources: my textbook, a lag/diagnostic book or online source, care plan book, and the internet.

    This is a good site for labs and what they mean, etc:

  4. by   Daytonite
    Hi, sbgrace!

    When you see the words "nursing implications" you should think about what a nurses involvement is with whatever they are talking about. Whether it is drugs, labwork or some treatment there are always going to be some kind of nursing implications, or a nursing involvement in the process. So, ask yourself "What is the nurses involvement with giving this drug?" or "What is the nurses involvement with the performing of this test?" What are the nurse's responsibilities with regard to these things is what it is saying.

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  5. by   lna2rn
    Basically, as a nurse what are you going to do? The nursing implications for a pt with edema? Elevate the foot, assess pitting, measure the circumference of the normal extremity and that of the edematous one to compare, obtain daily weight, are there fluid restrictions, strict I/O? etc. I hope this helps and good luck!
  6. by   sbgrace
    thank you, thank you! and thanks for the warm welcome.

    daytonite, marilynmom, lna2rn...this is a big help. i'm just trying to figure out how they are different from interventions. are implications things to keep in mind before intervening (implementing an intervention?)

    right now i am care-planning like there's no tomorrow, and it's frustrating (i'm think i'm having attention issues).

    stressed out from the load of work. any tips?
  7. by   lna2rn
    Intervention= what are you going to do? Implementation=How? OH and feeling overwhelmed and frustrated is something you will feel during your entire nursing school process. Basically pretend you are at an AA meeting. One day, moment, minute, second at a a time. I had 14 chapters to read, a 7 page care plan,18 med sheets, and a 9 page term paper all due this week! Some of the students have gotten on anti depressants....LOL BUt we are always here for you! Use this resource to vent and get onfo. It is a great one.
  8. by   Daytonite
    Quote from sbgrace
    are implications things to keep in mind before intervening (implementing an intervention?)
    yes, that's probably a very good way to think of them. kind of like thinking through the consequences of doing something before doing it. sometimes you have to make decisions before encountering those consequences. do you give a medication or don't you? this is why you learn about the side effects and the normal dosages. you think about the nursing implications, make a decision and then act on it and watch the patient's reaction. you're getting it.