1. I some advice on writing papers. I need help using APA format. Please help! Help! Help! Help! Help!!
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  3. by   maire
    For what it's worth, I borrowed the APA publication manual from my school library, you might check and see if yours has a copy. Also, not sure what sort of information they give, but check out ...maybe something there will be useful.
  4. by   2ndCareerRN
    I used to use Reference Point Software, it is a program that you load onto your computer and it will provide templates within your word processing program for APA style documents. In fact, I have to try and find it again for grad school papers this summer.

    It is a pay program, but, if you can get a few people to join you the cost is very minimal. Especially when you consider the time that you will save in setting up the formatting.

    For more information, and to get your questions answered, go to .

    hope this helps you out some.