hellp new student

  1. anyone here have any suggestions as what to take first and what not to take with another subject......

    I am currently taking bio, chem and psychology.....
    I would like to actually start my core nursing classes next fall.....2002....however, how do I fit a&p one and two along with microbiology, pharmacology and pathophysiology into the January semester and the summer semester....?

    Also, do you guys suggest taking medical terminology before all of these classes? otherwise would u suggest taking med termonology along with micro or med term with a and p? which would be better?

    I have been advised to complete as many classes prior to starting the core classes......otherwise it gets hairy.....is this true in your experiences??

    thanks in advance....
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  3. by   peaceful2100
    Wow Nat,

    That is a tough one. First off I would defintely not take pharmacology and pathphysiology together in one semester. I would take Anatomy/physiology and Microbiology together but not without very many other classes. Do you know what your school policy is because I know for my school we are not allowed to take pharmacology or pathophysiology without anatomy/physiology. We can take pathophysiology and micro concurrently but it is strongly recommended that we finish micro before pathophysiology. As far as med-term many schools still do not require med-term before you start the program. I think although I did not take Med-term that it is a wonderful idea and you will be much further ahead of your classmates who did not take Med-term if you did take it. As far as starting in fall 2002 I know we all have our ideas when we would like to start but sometimes we have to postpone it for a semester or two and that is often the best thing to do so we can do really good in classes that we need like A/P, and Patho instead of not doing so well and maybe repeating them anyway setting us back even further. Trust me I know this from first hand experience what it is like to try to do too much wanting to get in and be ahead and instead found myself behind.

    Take your time. Patience will pay off. IF you feel like you can handle it then do what is best for you. We don't really know you only you know what you can handle so follow what is in your heart many times your heart will not misguide you if you listen carefully.

    Take care
  4. by   natalie4904
    thank you so much for the info......
    it is especially useful!!! also, much appreciated!

    I think I may have known all along that I was perhaps biting off more than I could chew........

    how does this sound
    jan psych 2
    med term
    micro bio

    is med term useful for micro bio? any idea here?
    or can I take them both at the same time?

    thanks again......
  5. by   essarge

    You got some very good advice. I would like to add that you should talk to your advisor also. They are very good at setting up schedules. Check to see what is offered for possible weekend courses and summer courses. It can be done, but it is ALLOT OF HARD WORK!! Are you willing to give up basically all of your free time? Are you willing to put your family and friends 2nd to school? If you work, are you willing to stop to fit all of this into your schedule?

    I understand that you are axious to "get to it", but these are serious, thought provoking questions that you need to ask yourself.

    Hope this helps.
  6. by   peaceful2100
    Nat, I think the schedule you posted for Jan is really good and will defintely work. As far as needing Med-term before Micro I say no at least for the Micro class I had it was not needed. I think taking Micro and Med-term together is wonderful. Essarge gave you a wonderful tip that I did not think of when I first posted and that is to talk to an advisor. I would talk to the advisor where you are doing your general education classes right now at and then another advisor at the nursing school you are attending or if you are going to the same school for gen ed and nursing then talk to a nursing advisor. Good luck and feel free to ask any question that is why we are here. We all come here because this is a really wonderful support group and resource group on the internet to come to and get ideas and support each other to a similar goal that we have and that is to get in and through nursing school.
  7. by   natalie4904
    thanks everyone for your replies......I really appreciate it......thinking of postponing til jan 2003 to allow me to complete more of the pre program stuff with out going nuts.......thanks again nat