Hear different sounds with an Ultrascope?

  1. I just got an ultrascope and I know you need to apply different pressure to hear different sounds. No matter what kind of pressure I apply I hear the same thing. Maybe it's because i'm just starting out and don't know what to listen for. Any tips would be great. Thanks!
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  3. by   CarVsTree
    Never used one so I don't know.

    You might try posting this in the General Nursing Forum. Lots more replies, I'll bet.
  4. by   Kudra
    Ultrascopes are great, once you get the hang of them! like any stethoscope, you've got to get use to how things sound through it...

    for example, when listening to anterior breath sounds, i can still hear the heart, even though i'm applying more pressure... what takes practice is learning to focus on what you're listening for... even though i may hear the heart in the background, i can ignore it in the presence of breath sounds...

    also, i don't know how comfortable you are in assessing breath and heart sounds... once you become more skilled at picking up abnormalities, you should find your Ultrascope really sensitive to small changes in sound quality...