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I feel awful. Practicum experience is suppose to be one of the best learning experiences in nursing school. I am working on the postpartum unit, and it was my number one choice. I thought for sure... Read More

  1. by   loriangel14
    [It's also difficult when my preceptor looks at me like i'm a dummy for not knowing how to do something or not remembering material from a year ago. Before this clinical qtr., I haven't stepped foot in a hospital in about 6 months! So, I haven't had practice clinically wise.]

    You need to stop blaming others and take responsibility for your own learning instead of making excuses.You call the nurses clueless and stupid but then defend your own lack of knowledge. You are a student in a placement with licensed experienced nurses. You need to stop assuming you know it all.
  2. by   mistymae22
    I never said I know it all.

    And I do take responsibility for what I don't know. I always ask questions, and sometimes, nurses get annoyed with that. I observe them, and sometimes, they get annoyed with that too. I never said they are stupid. I just said that they don't seem to be used to emergency situations, since they don't see that many emergency situations on the unit. Most of their patients are fairly healthy and not coding in any second. I just get motivated and get frustrated when the nurses don't use me for help when the situation isn't an emergency or critical.
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  3. by   heartsgal
    Unfortunately it sounds like your OB clinical won't be as good as your others were, but it will be over soon so all you can really do is press on and keep smiling and saying please and thank you, like you're doing now. I was on OB this week and wasn't able to do any skills and the day was super long because of it. I also like to stay busy, busy and tend to my patients, but it just wasn't in the cards this week with no one in labor and only 2 scheduled c-sections and my nurse for the day was new so she was still learning the protocols for their OR. And no matter how grumpy my nurse might be or how much I disagree with her way of nursing, I always say, "thank you so much for all your help today, I really appreciate it" with a big smile on my face before leaving that unit. It's a must do habit for me and 98% of the time I really do mean it. Hang in there.
  4. by   mistymae22
    Thanks bTrue and heartsgal: I'm luckily almost done. I thought for sure OB was gonna be my calling, but at least I know I don't wanna get into that when I graduate. For the most part, my preceptor is pretty patient with me but I don't think I'll be seeing too much of her anymore since she has another job on the unit, so she won't be assigned to patients. I'll have to just show up on the unit and hopefully find someone to work with. There's always at least one nurse on the unit who doesn't mind students. I'm gonna be working a lot this week and next so I could finish faster (: